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We Meet & Exceed U.S.A. & Canadian sanitation and sterilization standards

World-Class Sanitation

Established in 1996 by Dr. Sergio Verboonen. Our clinic was recently built from the grown up under the most stringent of requirements to provide our patients with an unprecedented level of sanitation, customer care, and comfort.

Obesity Goodbye Center is an established first-tier bariatric clinic that has been helping patients take the first step to a new healthy life for over 24 years. Our clinic is truly our own, and we do not rent the space, utilize third-party equipment, or make you to leave our facility to have tests done. Everything we do is performed 100% in-house by our fully vetted, highly experienced and qualified medical specialists, doctors, and nurses.

USA & Canadian Standards

Our facility meets and exceeds USA and Canadian clinic sanitation standards, we have taken them to a whole new level. Because we built our facility from the grown up under the direction of Dr. Sergio Verboonen, our facility provides exceptional sanitation, comfort with a staff that is always striving for excellence. Obesity Goodbye Center is more than just another weight loss clinic, when it came to achieving our award as the “top bariatric center in Mexico”, we knew our clinic had to become the go-to weight loss center not only in Tijuana, but in all of Mexico.

Equipped with fiber optic internet speed, designated computer room for guests, dual and single bed rooms with a reclining couch for a family member, independent air condition units, modern TV entertainment system and the friendliest and efficient staff you won’t find elsewhere.

Why Choose Us?

1. Master Weight Loss Surgeon

Dr. Sergio Verboonen is a multi certified bariatric surgeon in Mexico with over 25 years of experience and over 50,000 weight loss surgeries performed since 1996. Dr. Verboonen is a pioneer and a master surgeon who is not only regarded as one of the leading surgeons in Mexico, but worldwide.

Dr. Verboonen’s experience, extensive training, unsurpassed expertise as a weight loss surgeon and as a professor for up and coming young surgeons, he established the mechanism to ensure a safe and successful surgery. He is also a proud member of the Internal Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders (IFSO), and the American Society for Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS).

2. Supreme Sanitation

We have the most advanced sterilization and decontamination system in all of Mexico thanks to the implementation of a designated clean room, Johnson & Johnson trained sterilization specialists, and the STERRAD® Sterilization system.

The process of sterilization is second to none. Our entire surgical instruments undergo a series of sterilization processes that are also subjected to three additional layers of verification:

  1. A Meticulous Visual Inspection
  2. Verification Strip Analysis
  3. Advanced Decontamination
3. Upscale Yet Affordable

Our clinic was specifically designed with bariatric surgery in mind to provide our patients with unmatched level of comfort and care.

We have a designated computer room for companions, single rooms with comfortable reclining couch, dual bed rooms, independent AC and entertainment system, fiber optic internet connection. Since we are placed at the center of the city of Tijuana, you will have access to a multitude of restaurants within walking distance.

4. Fully Safe and Secure

For over 25 years security has never once become an issue for us. Due to the fact that he handle the transportation from the airport to the clinic, from the clinic to the hotel, and from the hotel back to the airport for departure, the odds of you even experiencing a security concern are extremely low.

Because we are located in a very strategic location, we are close to upscale communities, popular restaurants and other tourist areas. Rest assured that your safety is paramount to everyone at our clinic and we take every possible precaution to ensure that your stay is a positive and uplifting one!