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Duodenal Switch Surgery Mexico

Duodenal Switch Surgery in Tijuana Mexico

What is the Duodenal Switch Surgery?


n the Duodenal Switch Surgery by the Obesity Goodbye Center, our all around experienced specialist, Dr. Sergio Verboonen for all time evacuates an inexact 85 percent of the upper and adaptable piece of the stomach and the patient is left with a little estimated, vertically-situated cylinder molded stomach. The ability of the stomach to hold nourishment is decreased to 150 milliliters. In view of the measure of the recently framed little estimated stomach, most patients revealed inclination full in the wake of expending just 4 – 6 ounces of strong nourishment.

Taking into account that the greater part of the critical physical segments of the stomach related framework, for example, the nerves that control the stomach work, the pylorus and the antrum stay unblemished, the result of the medical procedure is an ordinary working however little estimated stomach. This enables the patient to hold the capacity to appreciate eating normal sustenance things yet in littler bits and the patient does not encounter any uneasiness amid or in the wake of eating.

  • 80% Reduction of Body Weight
  • Obesity symptoms relief
  • Reduce medical complications


he Duodenal Switch

When playing out the Duodenal Switch Surgery our very much experienced specialists at the Obesity Goodbye Clinic likewise divert the stream of sustenance through the small digestive system to ensure that ingestion of calories amid the stomach related process diminishes to a noteworthy dimension.

The upper area of the small digestive system, otherwise called duodenum is isolated and connected to the last 8 to 10 feet of small digestive tract.

The underlying portion of the small digestive system, known as biliopancreatic appendage (BPL) that just transports stomach related squeezes, for example, bile juice and pancreatic juice is connected with the sustenance stream at around 4 to 7 feet from the internal organ in the regular channel (CC) where the nourishment and stomach related juices are blended.

The retention rate of calories and supplements are dictated by the length of the normal channel, the diminished length of the regular channel diminishes the likelihood of weight recover as it essentially decreases the rate of calorie assimilation.

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